Tools & Research

The Information Center is Partners’ principal resource for congregations. Containing guides, articles, reports, brochures, and other materials, the Center is unique in scope. Its most useful materials are available online at no charge.

Looking for fundraising help?

This fundraising guide offers basic advice to those who are just starting the process of raising money for capital needs or new programs. Learn more in the Fundraising Guide.

Looking to share space?

The Arts in Sacred Places program has put together a manual of best practices which covers many of the considerations that an artist or a sacred place should review before partnering with one another in our Arts in Sacred Places Space Sharing Guide.

Want to keep your building in good shape?

This repair and maintenance guide reminds you of the steps you can take to preserve your most important ministry asset. Learn more in the Repair and Maintenance Guide.

Motivated to share your bounty?

If you are interested in sharing your space with other groups, this community outreach and space-sharing guide offers ideas and helpful tips. Learn more in the Community Outreach Guide.

Have a vision to reach kids?

Partners’ book Open the Doors, See All the People: A Guide to Serving Families in Sacred Places can help you make your vision a reality. Download the Guide to Serving Families.

Want to read about model social service programs?

Launched with support from the William Penn Foundation, the Exemplars Project sought to identify, spotlight, and build awareness of congregation-based programs and social services that are particularly innovative, affordable, and effective. This initiative, which was piloted in Philadelphia and presents opportunities for replication nationwide, offers new evidence of the centrality of sacred places in community life.

Looking for ideas to save an endangered sacred place?

Here are some simple steps to get started.

Still want to know more? Access our Information Clearninghouse!

Partners for Sacred Places staff have archived over 13,000 documents in our Information Clearinghouse, on topics ranging from energy conservation and building repair to fundraising and reuse. Search our catalogue below or in excel or pdf format for topics of interest.